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Pleistocene Park: Return of the Mammoth's Ecosystem
Science, Vol 308, Issue 5723, 796-798 , 6 May 2005

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Proposals to the Canadian Wood Bison Recovery Team

Powerpoint Presentation presented at the "2000 Bison are Back" Symposium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,

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We propose to create a grassland ecosystem maintained by large northern herbivores similar to that which existed in Siberia 10,000-100,000 years ago during the late Pleistocene. Bison, horses, muskoxen, caribou, and moose will be introduced to 'Pleistocene Park', a scientific reserve in northeast Siberia of 160 km2 administered by the Northeast Science Station of Cherskii. This region supported large herds of these animals and of mammoths during the Pleistocene. These animals were important in maintaining a steppe-grassland ecosystem, just as large grazers currently maintain African grasslands.

In 1989, an experiment was carried out to demonstrate the potential of the ecosystem to support large herbivores such as horses.

Proposals to the Canadian Wood Bison Recovery Team

In 1998, two proposals were presented to the Wood Bison Recovery Team.

Pleistocene Park: Re-establishment of a Functional Steppe Ecosystem in Northeast Siberia

Preliminary Proposal for a Bison Reintroduction to Northeast Siberia

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